The Internet is the Economy.

The global economy affects asset prices more than any other factor.

DeepMacro is an interactive tool to analyze the global economy, which integrates real-time data from thousands of sources from the Internet.

See changes in the economy before they show up in the data.

Novel Data Sources

DeepMacro scans the Internet for unique data that show global business activity in real time.

What’s up in China? Industry-related Emissions (from over 1M daily global data points)
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Early Intel

Data releases lag behind reality. We see where the economy is heading–and why–before official data are published.

Who’s Leading the Italian Constitutional Reform Referendum, Yes or No?
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Market Focused

We focus on how how markets will react to data.

Who's hiring today? US job openings from company websites
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The global economy is driven by – perhaps defined by – information about all of humanity’s business activities and interconnections. On the Internet, billions of actors constantly radiate data about what they are doing, and what will happen in the future.

Economic Theory in Market Practice.

DeepMacro is not just about large volumes of data. The tool integrates the data into an intelligible view of the primary macro factors that affect markets, such as the business cycle and inflation. Our data streams search for turning points in these factors that can suggest new investment opportunities.

The DeepMacro team brings together macroeconomics, technology, and markets. The world-class macro system has been in use for nearly 10 years, and the data science is Internet-scale.

Brazil Growth Factor: Not Just a Political Story

See how DeepMacro can inform you.

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